The Wanted Board is a feature in Crystal Story. At the Wanted Board, the player can get rewards for defeating certain Boss Monsters. For each certain boss monster that the player defeats they get a certain amount of gold and a piece of equipment, and some bosses also unlock difficulties for Zombie Defense.


Monster Location Rewards
King Slime Floor 2
  • 2000 Gold
  • Pain Nerfer (Body)
  • Pet Slime
Zombieking Floor 4
  • 4000 Gold
  • Plate Helm (Head)
  • Zombie Defense Easy
Batking Floor 7
  • 6000 Gold
  • Magic Stopper (Head)
  • Zombie Defense Normal
Skeletonking Floor 9
  • 8000 Gold
  • G Fighter Ring (Acc)
  • Zombie Defense Hard
Crabking Floor 12
  • 10000 Gold
  • Sun Armor (Body)
  • Zombie Defense Expert
Spiderking Floor 14
  • 12000 Gold
  • G Sniper Ring (Acc)
Queen Slime Floor 17
  • 14000 Gold
  • Greed Ring (Acc)
Birdking Floor 19
  • 16000 Gold
  • Exp Ring (Acc)
Wolfking Floor 22
  • 18000 Gold
  • G Cursed Pndt (Acc)
Samuraiking Floor 24
  • 20000 Gold
  • One Ring (Acc)

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