Icon Name Description Cost Effect
Con GreenSmall Minor Potion Restores 150 HP 50 +150 HP
Con GreenSmall Potion Restores 400 HP 200 +400 HP
Con GreenLarge Greater Potion Restores 1500 HP 1000 +1500 HP
Con GreenLarge Super Potion Restores 2500 HP 3000 +2500 HP
Con GreenLarge Full Potion Restores full HP 6000 +100% HP
Con BlueSmall Minor Ether Restores 20 MP 200 +20 MP
Con BlueSmall Ether Restores 50 MP 500 +50 MP
Con BlueLarge Greater Ether Restores 200 MP 2000 +200 MP
Con BlueLarge Super Ether Restores 500 MP 5000 +500 MP
Con BlueLarge Full Ether Restores full MP 8000 +100% MP
Con RedSmall Elixir Restores half HP and MP 2000 +50% HP, +50% MP
Con RedSmall Full Elixir Restores full HP and MP 6000 +100% HP, +100% MP
Con RedLarge Mega Elixir Restores half HP and MP of all Party members 6000 +50% HP (all), +50% MP (all)
Con RedLarge Full Mega Elixir Restores full HP and MP of all Party members 12000 +100% HP (all), +100% MP (all)
Con Feather Revive Revives one dead ally. 150 -death, +25% HP
Con Feather Full Revive Revives one dead ally and restores HP. 1000 -death, +100% HP
Mega Revive Revives all dead party members. 4000 -death, +25% HP (all)
Full Mega Revive Revives all dead party members and restores their HP. 9000 -death, +100% HP (all)
Con Yellow Antidote Heals Poison. 50 -poison
Con Yellow Eye Drops Heals Blind. 50 -blind
Con Yellow Lemon Tea Heals Silence. 50 -silence
Con Yellow Coffee Heals Sleep. 50 -sleep
Con Yellow Confucious Heals Poison. 50 -poison
Con Yellow Tenacity Heals Stun. 50 -stun
Con Yellow Remedy Heals status effects. 300
Con Yellow Dispell Dispells magic effects. 250
Con Scroll Town Portal Teleports you back to town. 250
Con Yellow Stamina Seed Permanently increases HP Rating. 900 +2 HP
Con Yellow Mana Seed Permanently increases MP Rating. 900 +2 MP
Con Yellow Attack Seed Permanently increases Attack Rating. 900 +2 Attack
Con Yellow Magic Seed Permanently increases Magic Rating. 900 +2 Magic
Con Yellow Defese Seed Permanently increases Defense Rating. 900 +2 Defense
Con Yellow MDefense Seed Permanently increases Magic Defense Rating. 900 +2 Magic Defense
Con Yellow Speed Seed Permanently increases Speed Rating. 900 +2 Speed
Con Yellow Evade Seed Permanently increases Evade Rating. 900 +2 Evade
Con Yellow Accuracy Seed Permanently increases Accuracy Rating. 900 +2 Accuracy