Dargon is a powerful type of enemy that dwells in Evil Cave. During the Main Quest, Rita controls a Dargon using the Focus Crystal. When Mercenary Inc. reaches Floor 25, they see Rita take control of the Dargon, and they defeat it. On Floor 50, Mercenary Inc. encounters the Ultimate Dargon.

Ultimate DargonEdit

The Ultimate Dargon is a dargon that dwells on Floor 50 of the Evil Cave. He serves as an optional final boss.

After Mercenary Inc. defeats the Ultimate Dargon the Ultimate Dargon congratulates them on defeating him. Rita then shows up with another crystal that she was going to use to summon another Dargon (likely the Ultimate Dargon), but she decides not to.


  • Unlike most bosses, the Dargon comes back to life after being defeated, two times, as opposed to one time like most bosses.