The Bestiary is a list of all of the monsters that the player has faced. It is accessible through a button on the stats screen. It has entries on all normal monsters, however it does not have entries of boss monsters or rare monsters.

Normal MonstersEdit

There are several main types of normal monsters. Each main type has a few different monsters, each of which are recolors of the main type. The types are Slime, Bat, Wisp, Crab, Zombie, Stalker, Skeleton, Spider, Maka, Armored, Samurai, Warewolf, and Phoenix.

  1. Cold Slime
  2. Hot Slime
  3. Heavy Slime
  4. Charged Slime
  5. Bat
  6. Screamer Bat
  7. Biter Bat
  8. Helper Wisp
  9. Rouge Wisp
  10. Healer Wisp
  11. Magic Wisp
  12. Crab
  13. Mud Crab
  14. Blood Crab
  15. Zombie
  16. Ghoul
  17. Rotten Flesh
  18. Stalker
  19. Burrower
  20. Lurker
  21. Blender
  22. Skeleton
  23. Blood Skeleton
  24. Spider
  25. Dust Spider
  26. Tunnel Spider
  27. Maka
  28. Trickster
  29. Armored
  30. Twilight Armored
  31. Scything Armored
  32. Blood Samurai
  33. Frost Samurai
  34. Liquid Samurai
  35. Lightning Samurai
  36. Warewolf
  37. Rabid Wolf
  38. Shirtless Wolf
  39. Phoenix
  40. Leenock
  41. Froezen
  42. Kwami

Rare MonstersEdit

Boss MonstersEdit

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