For information on pricing and grades, see Grades.

For information on what stats translate to, see Item Stats.

Icon Name Description Grade Eva Acc Spd Crit Def
Shirt Plain Shirt A very comfortable shirt. 1 60
Shirt Old Shirt It has holes in it that helps ventilation. 1 20 50
Shirt Linen Shirt A very comfortable shirt. 1 20 50
Shirt App. Shirt Apprentice Shirt. 1 20 50
MetalShirt Mercenary Armor A standard armor used by mercenaries. 2 20 75
MetalShirt Metal Padding Helps protect the body from attacks. 2 20 75
MetalShirt S. Breastplate Soldier's Breastplate. Mass produced armor used by soldiers. 2 20 75
MetalShirt Padded Armor Helps protect the body from attacks. 2 20 75
Golden Golden Breastplate Used by generals because the enemy hates the color yellow. 3 25 90
Golden Sun Armor A very sturdy armor. 3 25 90
Golden Chaos Blocker Defends attacks very effectively. 3 25 90
Golden Pain Nerfer A light armor that protects against physical attacks. 3 25 90
Flame Jaedong's Carapace Used by a legend killer. 4 30 100
Flame Flash's Plating Used by a robot. 4 30 100
Flame BPlate of Heroism Breastplate used by heroes. 4 30 100
Flame Aegis Warplate To war! 4 30 100

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